Company milestones

2/2016Spin-off of Hae Sung Co., Ltd. from Quartz Materials Co., Ltd.
11/2015Change of name into Quartz Materials Co., Ltd.
3/2012Sung Rim Taiwan Co., Ltd. starts operation
12/2011Move into and inauguration of the new, expanded factory buildings
6/2011Certified according to DIN ISO 14001
8/2009Registration of Sung Rim China (Beijing)
1/2007Start operation of Sung Rim Europe GmbH/Germany
12/2006Certified ISO 9001
8/2006Expansion of the factory
3/2003Relocate into new factory in Ansung-City
2/2001Moved into Hwa Sung Factory
6/2000Become a member of KSIA (Korean Semiconductor Industry Association)
2/2000Establishment of Sung Rim Co., Ltd. by Mr. Jung Min Kim