Sung Rim Europe GmbH supports Taekwondo players of SG Hainhausen

Just recently Sung Rim Europe GmbH has decided to support the akquisition of new tracksuits for the Taekwondo department of the SG Hainhausen, a sports club with almost 200 members in the Taekwondo department alone, located in the Rhine-Main region. As a company with korean roots, it seemed to be likely to engage ourselves in the Korean National sports area.

Some of the athletes could already present themselves with the new tracksuits during the Hessenmeisterschaft (championships of the state of Hessia) which took place at November, 25th. In Korbach. The team - build by 6 young and experienced athletes - could totally carry home two championships and 7 further medals in the technical and combat disciplines. So it was an extremely successful result and we submit warmest congratulations to the medalists !