Sung Rim Co. Ltd. decorated with high ranking export award

Annualy the Korean Government honors their most successful exporting enterprises during a special ceremony. The Korea International Trade Association dedicate those awards to companies which have reached an export volume equivalent to 10 Mio. USD minimum per kalender year. Last year Sung Rim was among the proud prize winners: End of November Korea's president Mr. Lee, Myung Bak, handed the award statue over to Sung Rim's Managing Director, Mr. Choi. Mr. Kim - President of Sung Rim - sees it as an incentive to put even more efforts towards an further expansion of products export, amongst others by support of the foreign daughter companies in China and Germany.

Mr. Choi, Mr. Kim and Dr. Wielpütz (from left) are happy about the high ranking export price.

The Managing Director of Sung Rim Co., Ltd. - Mr. Choi, Chang Suk - shortly after the award receipt. The award was handed over by Korea's president Mr. Lee, Myung Bak.