Groundbreaking ceremony for new factory

On May, 20th the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Sung Rim Co., Ltd. Korea factory has been celebrated. The development of the markets for fused silica as well as the positive evolution of the company over the past years required an considerable expansion of the capacities. Since this could not have been carried out at the current premises, a new ground of approx. 5,000 m2 has been acquired in order to allow the construction of a 4,000 m2 total production space (spread over two stories). This means about a duplication of the current footprint. The investment of about 6 Mio. USD will enable the Sung Rim Group to keep pace with the increasing demands of the worldwide customerbase over the next years in both - quality and quantitywise directions. The completion of the building is expected in mid October.

The pictures show Mr. J. M. Kim (founder and president) and Mr. C. K. Kim (co-founder and shareholder) during the groundbreaking ceremony.