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Semifinished parts from fused quartz / fused silica (SiO2), ceramics, silicon

We are among the worlds leading suppliers of semifinished parts as starting material for fabrication of quartz semiconductor process equipment. In 2012 our consumption of raw materials (block, ingot, cylinder) exceeded the amount of 300 tons. Our products are mainly composed of plates, discs and flanges according to customers request and drawing.

Our sources for raw materials are worldwide recognized and qualified suppliers such as Tosoh Quartz (Japan), Momentive Performance Materials (USA), Heraeus (Germany), Q-Sil (Germany) and Philips (NL).

Due to our high flexibility we are in the position to master the production of single parts as well as the mass production of thousand of units in a cost-effective way. Also, we provide short turn-around-cycles due to our extensive inventory in raw materials.

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Optical materials and optical components

Since 2007 we are the partner of choice for the distribution of raw materials in Korea and Europe for Tosoh Quartz Japan. Tosoh is a public stock company with more than 10,000 employees worldwide and it‘s electronic materials division has gathered worldwide recognition for high-performance SiO2-materials as turnkey start products for high-end optical and semiconductor applications (i.e. stepper, laser, etc.).

We are able to supply the whole range of Tosoh materials either in raw format (ingot/block) or in pre-shaped versions by usage of our different production techologies (slicing, machining).

Together with our worldwide partner network we are moreover offering a wide choice of raw, semifinished and finished products for optical, LCD-, UV- and industrial applications. Those parts are composed of materials like sapphire, CaF2, borosilicate and other challenging materials.

Finally we offer wafer from Tosoh quartzglass/fused silica or borosilicate as well as substrates for applications in microlithography and polished standard quartz coversheets for UV-applications.

Product examples

Tosoh ES synthetic fused silica ingots for highest optical requirements

Quartz rods & tubes

As an independent supplier of quartz and fused silica rods & tubes, we are in the position to provide our customers with materials which suit exactly their applications and budgets. We supply tubes and rods from single pieces to large volumes, from an millimeter OD welding rod up to big size tubes with 800mm OD and more. Applications from infrared heating through lighting up to fiberoptics and others can be served. Let us know about your requirement and we'll suggest the best fitting product from cost of ownership point of view.

Product examples

Quartz rods & tubes